New Inovativ DigiCase Compact & Lite-Ultra Kits


Maximize your space & efficiency with the new DigiCase Compact and Lite-Ultra Kits. The kits are remarkably slim, rugged, data management and tethering stations that are configured by you.

The DigiCase Compact uses SKB’s 1813 I-Series case as the backbone of its design. Combined with several proprietary parts, the DigiCase Compact is compatible with both Lite and Pro DigiPlates. These plates are fully configurable, and become the heart of the DigiSystem. Using INOVATIV’s DigiSystem accessory line, laptop computers, hard drives, card readers, and external power supplies can be mounted effortlessly to the plates creating an extremely compact, and powerful workstation.

The DigiCase Compact’s internal hardware is designed to limit its interference with the cases interior real estate. The design incorporates the DigiTab Shelf, a machined accessory that connects to both the DigiPlate Pro and Lite plates. It serves as a resting point for the lid of the case and keeps the plate and your computer secure to the cases internal structure while in transport.

The DigiCase’s unique ability is that it house’s the entire DigiPlate system. The DigiPlate system is elevated inside the case, allowing for plenty of space below to accommodate external hard drives and other accessories needed for the most demanding workflows. Each DigiCase Compact is equipped with Trek Pak, a lightweight, padded, and fully customizable insert that keeps your equipment safe and organized at all times.

The optional DigiCase Mount is a quick and easy method to connect the DigiCase Compact to a C-Stand, Rolling Stand, or 5/8″ spud. The DigiCase Mount is accompanied with the Arca-Swiss style Easy Release Plate that serves as both a connection point for Arca-Swiss style tripod heads and the DigiBase. 

For pricing information on the Innovative DigiCase Compact and Lite-Ultra Kits contact us at 877. 217.9870 or purchase online here.

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