New Updates to Workflow Software & Leica SL Firmware Versions 2.1

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Leica Camera is pleased to inform you that new versions of our workflow software and a firmware update for the Leica SL are ready for download:

– Firmware 2.1 for Leica SL (Typ 601)

– Leica Image Shuttle 3.4 (MAC)

– Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® TetheredPlug-In 1.1.0(MAC)

Leica SL Firmware 2.1 changes:

Supports Leica Image Shuttle 3.4 (MAC)
Support for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Tethered Plug-In 1.1.0 (MAC) Improved overall performance

– Overall system stability improvements
– Overall performance improvements
– Bugfix: in some rare cases, the lens profile data was missing in the DNGs> Bugfix: in some rare cases, the camera used ‘P-mode’ for M lenses

Leica Image Shuttle 3.4:

The photographer can control the camera and compose the image remotely, while the image transfers directly to the computer while tethered via USB. This new 3.4 update adds support for the Leica SL and Leica S2.

Adobe Lightroom Plug-In:

With this software, the Leica S (Typ 007), Leica SL (Typ 601), Leica S (Typ 006), Leica S-E (Typ 006), Leica S2, Leica M (Typ 240), Leica M-P (Typ 240) and Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) have a seamless Adobe workflow integration. It also offers the immediate transfer of images to the computer while tethered via USB and the ability to automatically apply custom-tailored presets to images as they are transferred.

Adobe® Photoshop® Lightoom® Tethered Plug-In 1.1.0 requires Adobe® Photoshop® Lightoom® (minimum 6.2 or higher, or Creative Cloud).


It is very important that the camera’s user profile is NOT changed during tethered connection as this may cause a software crash and/or image loss. User profiles should not be changed when the camera is connected to a computer.

The SL firmware can be downloaded from Leica’s corporate website by clicking here, while Image Shuttle and LR Plugin are located in the Owner’s Area. If you have any questions, please contact the product specialists for each system.

For more information contact Capture Integration at 877.217.9870

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