NEW XF Firmware Update + “Blue Ring” Lenses

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In June 2015, Phase One introduced the all-new XF Camera System as an expandable and updatable platform for professional photographers. With the introduction of the first major XF platform update (1.6), Phase One is making new features available – free for all XF users. In addition, Phase One has added new 55mm LS, 80mm LS and 150mm LS “Blue Ring” lenses to strengthen the strongest lens lineup in medium format.

We are currently testing this release; we do not recommend upgrading into a critical workflow until our testing with this release is complete. Please contact our tech support team with any issues or concerns regarding this release.


XF 1.6 Firmware Update

  • Seismographic Vibration Delay
  • BullsEye Level on the OneTouch UI
  • Histogram on the OneTouch UI
  • Import copyright metadata from digital back
  • Focus Step from Capture One – IQ1, IQ2 and IQ3
  • Waist-level Focus Confirmation on the OneTouch UI
  • Hyperfocal Point Focus calibration feature improvement
  • General stability and bug fixes

Seismographic Vibration Delay Indicator 

Set your camera to wait until there are no detected vibrations. Image blur from camera shake can be the deciding factor between a perfectly sharp or unacceptably soft image. The XF Camera System’s Seismograph Vibration delay will wait until the camera is absolutely still to capture.

BullsEye Level

Access this tool on the XF OneTouch UI to easily adjust the alignment of the camera system, using the XF Camera Body’s 3 axis accelerometer. This tool, used in conjunction with the IQ Back Virtual Horizon, will ensure precision leveling when capturing images. A unique and priceless tool for panoramic stitching and architecture photography.

Histogram on XF Grip Display

Review of your captured data is crucial. The Histogram, being the most accurate and immediate representation of your captured data, is now available just after capture or at a moment’s notice on the XF OneTouch UI.

Focus Step from Capture One

Precision is everything when it comes to capturing the perfect image. The XF Camera System now provides you with lens focus control directly from Capture One. Real-time results in Live View and complete control provide you with the ultimate in focus accuracy over your composition. Whether your camera is out of reach or the difference in critical focus is too small to achieve by hand, the Focus Step tool can give you the control you need. This feature is available on IQ1, IQ2 and IQ3 Digital Backs.

Waist-level Focus Confirmation

Get focus indication on the XF OneTouch UI while using the Waist-level finder. The focus confirmation tool-bar, known from the prism viewfinder, now appears on the OneTouch UI and guides you to finding the best focus. The focus confirmation compliments the exposure feedback also shown on the XF OneTouch UI, and provides full capture control when working with the Waist Level Finder. Focus confirmation is initiated by half-pressing the shutter release button. It is active for 6 seconds for every half press.

Hyperfocal Focus Point calibration

The Hyperfocal Tool allows you to easily pinpoint the focus “sweet spot” of your selected lens at the desired aperture. Each Hyperfocal Focus point can be saved in the XF, based on the lenses serial number and can be quickly selected when shooting to ensure dead accurate Hyperfocal Focus.

New “Blue Ring” LS lenses

Schneider Kreuznach “Blue Ring” lenses are manufactured using the latest standards, improved quality assurance measures and tighter tolerances, resulting in an overall better, more reliable lens. Phase One is taking the next step and updating the lens range, ensuring full lens maximization with the Phase One XF Camera System. Individual lens calibration features enabled within the XF camera system through serial number.

NEW Schneider Kreuznach 55mm LS f/2.8 – $4,990
NEW Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS f/2.8 – $3,220
NEW Schneider Kreuznach 150mm LS f/3.5 – $5,990

Phase One has updated the lenses to the current distinctive design and improved XF Camera system integration – delivering superb performance and feel.

  • Beautiful metal barrel offer an improved look and feel
  • Metal focusing ring, and AF/MF selector ring, made from precision milled aluminum
  • Metal lens hood with anti-skid rubber edging
  • Individual lens calibration features enabled within the XF camera system through S/N
  • Ready for future camera functionality updates, delivering renowned image quality

All products listed above are available from Capture Integration. Contact us to learn more about these products, as well as many more tools not listed here. The Capture Integration sales team can help you with any/all of your photography needs.Call us today to schedule your demo at 877-217-9870

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