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The Most Versatile Lens in the Zeiss Batis Family

Zeiss welcomed the 2/40 CF (close focus) lens into the ZEISS Batis family. This is the 5th lens added to the Batis family and is designed as a general purpose lens between the Batis 25 and Batis 85 lenses.


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  • A horizontal angle of view of 47° degrees, coupled with a close-focus distance of 9.4 inches
  • Advanced floating lens element design, with 4 aspherical lens elements and 4 lens elements made of special glass materials
  • A user selectable switch is located on the barrel that limits the AF focus range and improves focusing speed when using the lens for close-focus work
  • A special 40-millimeter high resolution fixed focal length that increases its ability to tackle various photography challenges in any genre of photography
  • Ideal for applications requiring normal, slightly wider focal lengths or close ups
  • Weather sealed
  • Fast aperture
  • Close focus
  • Matched color
  • Rugged construction- all metal barrel
  • OLED Display


  • ZEISS Batis family is developed specifically for mirrorless full-frame cameras from Sony (Alpha 7 and Alpha 9 series)
  • compatible with all E-mount cameras
  • covers a total of five focal lengths ranging from 18 to 135 millimeters
  • ZEISS Batis 2/40 CF ensures a lightweight, easy-to-use, high-performance system that delivers outstanding image quality
  • offers a minimum shooting distance of 24 centimeters for close-up shots and a magnification ratio of 1.3.3.

Best For:

  • General purpose, normal focal length lens
  • Street photography
  • Portraiture
  • Landscape
  • Weddings
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