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Today Phase One launched the NEW Phase One XT – HR Digaron – W 50mm f/4 Lens.

The Phase One 50 HR-W Lens in X Shutter for the XT System is now orderable and ready to begin shipping. This lens is based on the Rodenstock 50 HR-W lens and is one of the finest optics in that impressive lineup. It makes a logical progression in a lens lineup from the Rodenstock 32 HR-W, which has already been previously released as a Phase One XT lens. On an IQ4 150 sensor, the 50 HR-W is equivalent to a 32mm lens (in 35mm format), while the 32 HR-W is a 21mm equivalent. If you view the split comparative screen raw files below, you’ll see there is a bigger difference than you would think in focal length.


The 50 HR-W is edge to edge sharp and provides a 90mm image circle, which allows for shifts over 20mm each way. The release of the 50 HR-W lens now really starts to fill out the Phase One XT lineup. Shipping now are:

  • Phase One 23/5.6 HR-S
  • Phase One 32/4 HR-W
  • Phase One 50/4 HR-W
  • Phase One 70/5.6 HR-W

Previously announced, but not shipping yet is the Phase One 90 HR-SW, based on the Rodenstock HR-SW, and an as yet named telephoto lens option. Currently the only telephoto lens options in the Rodenstock lineup are the Rodenstock 180/5.6 HR-S and the still in development 138/6.5 HR-SW Float.


Before now, the shipping lineup of 23mm/32mm/70mm seemed rather sparse, but with lenses beginning to now flesh out, there’s no reason to hold back on an XT system. Contact us today to place your order for the Phase One 50 HR-W X Shutter Lens.


XT 32mm HR Lens


XT 50mm HR Lens

XT – HR Digaron – W 50mm Detail View of above image

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