Overstock Sale! New Rodenstock X-Shutter Lenses

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10% off rodenstock lens discount 2022

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Select X-Shutter & WRS Lenses

Wide-RS 70 mm HR Digaron-W Lens Panel

Wide-RS 70mm HR Digaron-W X-Shutter Lens Panel

Rodenstock 5.6 70mm HR-W X-Shutter Lens

hr-digaron-90-sw_x-shutter_w-lens-rodenstock cambo

Rodenstock 4.0 90mm HR-W X-Shutter Lens

  4.0  40 HR-W  X-Shutter rodenstock lens

Rodenstock 4.0 40mm HR-W X-Shutter Lens

Full list of eligible lenses

Wide-RS / X-Shutter
Wide-RS 40 mm HR Digaron-W Lens Panel
Wide-RS 70 mm HR Digaron-W Lens Panel
Wide-RS 90 mm HR Digaron-SW Lens Panel Short Barrel + Spacer
Wide-RS 180HR Digaron-S Long Helical / Short Barrel + Spacer
Bare X-Shutter
4.0 40 HR-W X-Shutter
5.6 70 HR-W X-Shutter
5.6 90 HR-SW X-Shutter
6.3 180 HR-S X-Shutter


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