Aerial Footage with Phase One Quality, The P3 Drone Payload

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As the sales director for Phase One’s Bespoke division for North America, I had the pleasure of talking to many photographers around the world about the fine, and medium format cameras and digital backs that Phase One builds.  I found most of them were very familiar with the Phase One XF, XT, and, subsequently, the new XC cameras.  Whether they had a medium format in their photographic arsenal or not, they had heard about these cameras and backs.

I also realized that a lot of these photographers were not familiar with the fact that Phase One also has another division.  Phase One’s Geospatial division builds medium and large format aerial cameras and systems for mapping & surveying, aerial inspection and security & space.  Some of these systems are designed with up to six medium format cameras installed in them, with a total of 880mp.  These systems top out at selling for close to one million dollars.  Photographers do not need this kind of resolution, but companies that do wide area mapping and 3D city modeling are prime candidates for these kinds of solutions.

However, another subset of aerial cameras made by Phase One’s Geospatial division, is of interest to photographers wanting an aerial solution matching the quality of their Phase One medium format cameras they currently use. The Phase One P3 UAV payload is such a solution. 

This payload is designed to be used with DJI’s M300 & M350 drones.  They are a complete turnkey solution including a 3-axis stabilized gimbal.  At the heart of these payloads is Phase One’s iXM – 50mp and iXM – 100mp medium format cameras.  Like other Phase One products, these cameras use medium format sensors with backside illumination, (BSI) technology.  They are very compact since there is no need for a viewfinder, mirror cage, grip, battery etc.

There are five RSM lenses that work with the iXM cameras.  They range from 35mm to 300mm with some having remote focus capability and all of them having leaf shutters. They are also made for a very high shot count.  These solutions have a wide variety of uses.  Inspection of bridges etc., mapping & surveying, landscapes and cityscapes are just a few uses for these systems. 

At Capture Integration, we offer these complete Phase One, DJI M300/350 UAV drone packages, both in new stock and in certified pre-owned.  As an FAA certified remote drone pilot, I would be happy to discuss in more detail how these systems can be incorporated into the services you provide as a professional photographer.  Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss these UAV drone systems or any other drone needs you may have.

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