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CI Product Return & Trade-In Shipping Procedures

Trade-in Shipping Procedures:

Upon receipt of your order, please test it within 72 hours so that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. After that please ship your trade-in to our Atlanta Office (address below) and email the tracking number to

Capture Integration
330 Peters St. SW
Unit 102
Atlanta, GA 30313

Accessories to Include:

  • In general please include the following with your trade-ins: Caps, Covers, Original Box
  • Digital Backs: Sensor Back Cover (required). Include port covers if you have them
  • XF/DF+/DF/Hasselblad Bodies: Back Cover, Front Cap, Viewfinder Caps if applicable. AA Battery Cage/Module for 645 DF+/DF is REQUIRED.
  • Lenses: Lens Hood (required), Lens Caps

*Missing accessories could result in an extra charge. Boxes are not required, but are appreciated.

Helpful Tips:

When preparing your shipment to us please follow some important steps below (whether you are shipping us your trade-ins or returning a product):

  • Ship items within another box. We know certain companies ship things Frustration-Free but please ship equipment to us as a box within a box. Do not attach a FedEx Label to original/manufacture packaging and ship it to us. When trying to remove the shipping labels from the manufactures box it can cause damage to the box and the value of the item decreases. This also applies to pelican cases… please ship the pelican case inside a box.
  • Always ship to CI with a Signature Required.
  • Please use appropriate packaging in the shipping box… bubbles are always a safe bet, a 2-inch buffer is recommended. Please don’t ship with newspapers, plastic bags, etc.
  • Ship with insurance.
  • Ship FedEx or UPS. Do not ship USPS (Postal Mail). It is very hard to track missing packages through USPS and can sometimes take well over a month to locate or get a problem resolved.

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