Tech Tip: XF Feature Update #3 for Credo Users

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The combined updater file released today is very nice because the single package works for all IQ-series back, whether IQ1, IQ2 or IQ3, CCD or CMOS.  Credo users, however, can’t make use of this combined update.

Located instead on the Mamiya Leaf firmware update page is a version that your Credo will recognize.

Click here to go to the update page, or click the links below for direct downloads.

Phase One XF Firmware 3.00.4

Firmware Update #3 Release Notes

XF Firmware Update via Credo Digital Back:

Disconnect your Credo from USB or Firewire tether.  With freshly charged batteries installed in the Credo and the XF, place the firmware package on the root level of the CF card, eject from computer and insert the CF card into the digital back.  Tap the Camera Icon and go into the XF sub-menu and then select ‘Update Firmware.’ (Before starting the update process PLEASE MAKE SURE that AUTO POWER DOWN is set higher than 5 Minutes in POWER MANAGEMENT on the digital back)

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