The New Cambo WRE-2019 Lens

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The newly designed Cambo WRE-2019 fills a gap in a much-needed wide-angle medium format lens for the Cambo WRS systems. Cambo made the optical parts from Nikon’s PC-19 available for use on Cambo WRS and Phase One XT technical cameras. The lens has been rehoused and fitted with a controller for the electronic aperture. This allows you to open and close the lens for focusing as well as set the desired aperture.

The image circle is large enough to cover the sensor of an IQ3/IQ4 back and still permits about 4mm of shift. Edge-to-edge sharpness is excellent. 

Since the lens has no leaf shutter, one has to rely on the Electronic shutter as used in digital backs like Phase One IQ3/IQ4 and the Hasselblad CFV-II 50c.

We have been using the Cambo Actar -19mm lens for the Cambo Actus technical cameras for the last few years with both medium format and 35mm mirrorless camera with great success. This opens up the ability for Cambo WRS and Phase One XT technical camera users to take advantage of these great optics.

Image circle of lens at f/8: 71mm

Optical Movements: 
CCD size 33x44mm:  12/10 mm
CCD size 40x54mm:    4/3 mm

Camera Movements:
WRS: Up / Down / Left / Right: 25 / 15 / 20 / 20mm
1600: Up / Down / Left / Right: 20 / 20 / 20 / 20mm

• Focal length                      19mm

• Aperture                            f 4.0-32

• Image circle                      71mm

• Construction                      17 Elements/13 Groups

• Coating                              Nikon Nano Crystal Multi Coating

• Weight                               1250g

• Dimensions                         16 x 7 x 14cm

By Chris Snipes

Thanks for the read! If you have any questions, or further interest, feel free to reach out.

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