Update Your Firmware On Your Fujifilm GFX100 II to Version 1.10

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Within moments it seems of the release of the new Fujifilm GFX100 II camera, Fujifilm released a firmware update. While feature firmware updates are common these days, a firmware update immediately after the launch of a new product is typically not going to have feature updates, but instead will address some technical issues and that is indeed the case here (see below).

Explicitly follow the firmware updating instructions.

Issues resolved with Firmware 1.10

  • Black border appears on the left side of the image when making RAW output from DCI-8K movie (ex. Monitor output with “ATOMOS”, “Blackmagic Design”, etc.). Note: The above border will be recorded on the movie.
  • EVF display rarely becomes abnormal at continuous shooting under the following condition: Performance>Boost:EVF Frame Rate Priority (120P)
  • RAW images taken with GFX100 II may not be able to be developed depending on the development software.
  • While continuous shooting, camera cannot turn off the power or freeze under the following shooting conditions: 1) Shutter speed changes from faster than 1/4000 second to slower than 1/4000 second with the following settings. 2) Shutter Type: M+E. 3) Continuous shooting mode: High Speed Burst 4) Focus Mode AF-C. 5) Button/Dial Setting: Shutter AE: OFF
  • The image display on EVF, LCD or external monitor through HDMI seems abnormal under certain conditions.
  • Other minor bugs.

We have not had the opportunity to extensively test this new firmware, but we have indeed already had several users contact us about some of the issues – specifically EVF lockups. So at this point, we’re cautiously recommending that you update your firmware to avoid these issues.

Download Version 1.10 Here

GFX100 II Version 1.10 Firmware

By Steve Hendrix

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