Creating Phase One Support Cases and Providing LAB Feedback

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Technical Support Issues

As a full service authorized dealer for Phase One products, we provide complete technical support for our clients purchasing Phase One products through our dealership. This includes best practices recommendations and discussion, as well as diagnostic support, in addition to hardware repair support.

Capture Integration Technical Support

Often a technical support call results in the resolution of the issue over the phone. But in cases where a hardware repair is required, we set up a Support Case with Phase One and manage and facilitate this entire process for our clients. Upon completion of the repair, the product is sent to Capture Integration, and we then perform Quality Control Check on the effectiveness of the repair. Pending a positive result, we then ship the product back to you. We manage all this for you!

This is all great.

Phase One LAB to the right.

Product Feedback

Sometimes a client will report a bug or a behavioral issue or even have a suggestion for product improvement. And we feed all of that back to Phase One as well via the Support Case. However, it is very important that Phase One owners also create their own support case in the following instances:

  • Bug reporting
  • Inadequate feature performance or behavior
  • Suggestions for improvement

While Phase One pays close attention to our reports, they will not necessarily have a literal grasp of how many are actually feeling discomfort over some issue. We have reported the issue if you have come to us with it. But you should also make your discomfort known to them! Many companies respond to developmental requests via priority system, how many, how urgent, etc. And this can apply as well to bugs, to tools that work, but don’t work as well as they could or should, etc. They need to hear from you. And they want to hear from you. Please open a support case regarding any instances of Product Feedback. If you don’t provide input, you can’t fault them for not listening.

LAB Reporting

With the release of the Phase One IQ4 series digital backs, a new feature was designed called Phase One LAB. This provided new tools from time to time that typically begin in a beta state, but are for public use with the caveat that they may not work perfectly or optimally out of the gate, but the opportunity is there for the user base to create their own feedback and help to develop the tool. Sounds great, right? But it doesn’t work if end users do not create Support Cases to register their LAB feedback. So please do so!

How to Create a Support Case for Bug Report or Lab Feedback

  • Go to
  • Log In by going to My Profile (upper right hamburger menu)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to Contact Support
  • Click and set up your case

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