Released: IQ4 Creative Control Package Service Release 1

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Today Phase One publicly released the IQ4-Series digital back Creative Control Package Service Release 1, which serves primarily to fix the 5.00.20 Bug that upon digital back startup, did not acknowledge the user preference for IIQ file format and instead shot into IIQ 14-bit Small format regardless of what file compression format was displayed on screen.

To be clear, as of this moment the Frame Averaging Tool shoots natively into IIQ ’14-bit L’ format and there is no option to shoot it in any other format

As with the XF System 5.00.20 package, 5.01.0 requires that you have had already installed XF System 4.02.7 prior to using this update(If you already have 5.00.20 installed, you need only run the 5.01.0 update)

Download  5.01.0 directly from Phase One 

Somewhat confusingly, the XF System Package acts as a container for the specific XF & IQ4 firmware versions.

  • XF System 4.02.7 installs XF Firmware 4.05.3 and IQ4 Firmware 2.00.20
  • XF System 5.00.20 installs XF Firmware 4.05.3 and IQ4 Firmware 3.00.20
  • XF System 5.01.0 installs XF Firmware 4.05.3 and IQ4 Firmware 3.02.0 

As per the release notes:

Known Issues and Limitations (IQ4) We are working on a firmware update to come with additional functionality and correction of the following known Issues and limitations:

• The Automated Frame Averaging will not automatically show a preview of the resulting image on the IQ4 once finished. Please review the image be using the Viewer, Browser or Tool Viewer.

• Note that when you decide to stop the Automated Frame Averaging sequence before time, it will take more than double the selected exposure time to finalize the process. The IQ4 will not currently give any feedback that it is finalize the process, so please wait.

• Under some conditions when using Automated Frame Averaging, individual Frames of 2.0s will require the XF to be manually exited from the exposure via the XF Shutter Release Button.  (This is what the official notes say. but in practice I’ve seen the XF Shutter Release Button remain dead, as are the ‘Stop & Save’ & ‘Abort’ buttons on the top of the camera.  The only fix I’ve found if this presents is from the home screen of the IQ4, tap the large Capture button on the IQ4 to initiate a single frame capture which will fire a frame and reset the XF top display – BK) 

• When using Automated Frame Averaging in conjunction with the IIQ 16 Extended file format, the total number of frames changes as the sequence is started. However, feature works as intended.

• Automated Frame Averaging doesn’t work correctly when the IIQ 14 Sensor+ file format is used as the sequence never completes. Please use another file format.

• The Direct Image Transfer feature only transfers RAW files, not the JPEG versions. If SD Storage is set to Off, the files on the SD card will not be transferred. Likewise, if the SD Storage is set to Primary Storage, the files on the XQD card will not be transferred.

• The IQ4 will not work correctly with Capture One Styles created in Capture One version 10 or earlier. If you have an old style that you wish to use on the IQ4, please apply it to an image in Capture One and then save it as a new style before importing it to the IQ4.

• You can include all of Capture One Pro’s image adjustments as a Custom IQ Style. While Capture One Inside on the IQ4 can render most of them, it cannot display them all. This discrepancy will be taken care of automatically as the IQ4 will disregard those not supported, and the all included adjustments will be retained and rendered once the RAW files are opened in Capture One Pro.

• You can currently not assign a static IP address on the IQ4 for WiFi and Ethernet connections, so please use a network which can assign an IP address (DHCP).

• Custom White Balance setting applies to the next captured image(s) only

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