Released: XT Camera System Firmware 6.00.52

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Today, Phase One released the first non-beta firmware release for the new XT Camera System, Camera System Package 6.00.52.

While largely only relevant to XT shooters, IQ4 XF & technical camera shooters will also see some small refinements to the interface.

If you’re shooting technical camera, we recommend caution updating to 6.00.52!!

  On technical camera, Frame Averaging workflow is simply broken.  It’s not that you can’t achieve a Frame Average at all, it just a completely different behavior when you commit the tool to an exposure, the number values go gray, everything seems to freeze and a capture is not made.  If you exit the tool, your exposure values are in blue and if you capture from there, you will actually get the frame average you set in the tool, not that you can ever again change the values within the tool.  If you shift your exposure value on the home screen, it will change the duration of time taken to expose and your exposure will change, but the frame count of Frame Averaging seems to remain constant with what it was originally set to. 

Full reboot of the unit is required to change the Frame Average value or shoot a non Frame Averaged shot.  I also had the UI freeze a couple times on technical camera when I was shooting from Live View and reviewing image. Frame Averaging on XF also seems to produce difficulties.

** Update 9/27/19: For now, we recommend avoiding Frame Averaging altogether on XF or tech camera, and exercising caution with this update in general. If the previous firmware version was working for you, it might be best to stick there until we have evaluated a further update from Phase One. 

Highlights: This system firmware package provides support for the XT Camera System by making sure that the firmware on both the IQ4 as well as the XT Lens/X-Shutter are fully up to date.

Primary Feature Summary:

  • XT Only: Exposure Bracketing when using Electronic Shutter
  • XT Only: Added Time Lapse Feature
  • Any camera body: Automated Frame Averaging (16 Bit, etc.)
  • Any camera body: Modified Virtual Horizon Tool
  • Any camera body: ISO Control from Live View Screen
  • Any camera body: Metering Display in Live View
  • X Shutter Max exposure now is 60 seconds (previously was 1 second)

New Preference – Focus Peaking Color:

In addition, the system firmware package also provides support for the XF Camera System by updating the XF Camera Body to work correctly with the latest IQ4 firmware. This ensures that both the XT Camera as well as the XF Camera can be used interchangeable with the IQ4 once the firmware has been applied to all parts.

Installing the Firmware Package: Ensure that you have already installed the Feature Update #4 SR2 firmware (cameraSystem4.02.7.fwp) or later on the IQ4 as this is a requirement in order to update to the new firmware.

  • XF System 4.02.7 installs XF Firmware 4.05.3 and IQ4 Firmware 2.00.20
  • XF System 5.00.20 installs XF Firmware 4.05.3 and IQ4 Firmware 3.00.20
  • XF System 5.01.0 installs XF Firmware 4.05.3 and IQ4 Firmware 3.02.0 
  • XF System 6.00.52 installs XF Firmware 4.06.3 and IQ4 Firmware 4.00.58 

To install the latest firmware for the XT Camera System, download and copy the Camera System Package file (6.00.52.fwp) to the root folder of a XQD card.

  1. Place the IQ4 on the XT Camera Body with the XT Lens attached.
  2. Make sure the installed battery is fully charged on the IQ4.
  3. Insert the XQD card into the IQ4.
  4. On the IQ4, select Menu > System Settings > Firmware > Update Firmware.
  5. The XT Camera System will now update with all relevant firmware updates for both the IQ4 and X-Shutter.

Please do not interrupt the updating process. Should this happen by mistake, the update will fail and you will have to run the update again.

If you are using a XF Camera System, please mount the IQ4 on the XF Camera Body and run the firmware package again as described above to ensure that the firmware is also updated on the XF Camera Body.

If you have bought an XT Camera System with more than one XT Lens, please run the firmware package update from the IQ4 with each XT Lens mounted. This step is important to ensure that the firmware in the X-Shutter is fully up to date for all XT lenses.

This firmware already includes the Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages. There is no need to install an Asian language package separately

Known Issues We are aware of the following known Issues and limitations:

  • The Time Lapse tool on the XT Camera System is currently not working with an IQ4 Trichromatic. The feature relies on the prerecorded black frame calibration functionality that is only supported on the IQ4 150MP sensor.
  • The Camera tool in Capture One will currently not give access to all the possible file formats on the IQ4. Please use the File Format drop-down menu in the Camera Settings tool instead.
  • Live View does not initiate unless there is some storage option available. Please insert an XQD card or connect the IQ4 to a computer by USB or Ethernet when using Live View.
  • You can currently not assign a static IP address on the IQ4 for WiFi and Ethernet connections, so please use a network which can assign an IP address (DHCP).

Feature Related Notes:

  • There are some feature restrictions that are worth to be aware of. These are not regarded as bugs:
  • Note that when you decide to stop the Automated Frame Averaging sequence before time, it will take more than double the selected exposure time to finalize the process. The IQ4 will not currently give any feedback that it is finalize the process, so please wait.
  • The Direct Image Transfer feature only transfers RAW files, not the JPEG versions. If SD Storage is set to Off, the files on the SD card will not be transferred. Likewise, if the SD Storage is set to Primary Storage, the files on the XQD card will not be transferred.
  • The IQ4 will not work correctly with Capture One Styles created in Capture One version 10 or earlier. If you have an old style that you wish to use on the IQ4, please apply it to an image in Capture One and then save it as a new style before importing it to the IQ4.
  • You can include all of Capture One Pro’s image adjustments as a Custom IQ Style. While Capture One Inside on the IQ4 can render most of them, it cannot display them all. This discrepancy will be taken care of automatically as the IQ4 will disregard those not supported, and all the included adjustments will be retained and rendered once the RAW files are opened in Capture One Pro.
  • Custom White Balance setting applies to the next captured image(s) only.

The XT / XF Camera System Manual and technical specifications are available from

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