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Greg King, Murray Elliott, Dave Gallagher, Chris Snipes, and Steve Hendrix

At Capture Integration, we have always expressed that we strive to make long-term relationships with our customers. Some companies place their emphasis on their short-term financial gains without regard for future success. From our outset, we have focused on creating a mutually beneficial relationship that flourishes and lasts throughout our careers. The simple clich√© of “treat others as you’d want to be treated yourself” is in our foundation as a company.

While treating customers this way is common sense, many companies fail to live up to that same ideal with all their relationships in the industry. Again, this makes no sense. You either have character and integrity as a company, or you don’t. And it’s always been very important to us that we “walk the walk” and not just talk it. Therefore, our connections in our industry with manufacturers, vendors, and service providers are also incredibly strong and long-term.

Naturally, these strong relationships create lifetime bonds. But it also has given us the strongest reputation internationally in our industry. All of these factors have created a welcoming environment where friends know our door is always open to continue these relationships as team members. With this said, I am proud to announce two new additions to the Capture Integration team starting today.

Greg King and I have worked together since 1993 when we were members of the amazing Sinar Bron sales team. This is where the very green “Dave” learned the ropes of sales and customer relations. Since then, we have been in the same industry as competitors, vendors, or in some kind of close proximity, all the while maintaining a friendly, respectful relationship no matter where we were. Greg lives in the Denver area and specializes in aerial photography and drones. We are now an enterprise DJI reseller and we very much look forward to expanding that line with Greg in his new role.

You can learn more about Greg here:

Murray Elliot and I have been friends since we were both Regional Sales Managers for Phase One in the late 90s.  Over the last 8 years, Murray has seen strong success in his own respected company Mega Pixels Digital.  Even while we were competitors over the last few years, Murray and I have stayed close and spoken often about the industry, trends, customer needs, or just shared advice. During one of these conversations last month, we came to the conclusion that we are a stronger team together than we are apart. So we are very proud to say that MPD is now a part of the Capture Integration partnership.

You can learn more about Murray here:

Needless to say, Capture Integration is excited to welcome these two distinguished gentlemen to the CI Team. I am personally humbled that they would want to join the organization. Both Murray and Greg can only complement the already strong knowledge and dedication that is present in our team.  While I have always felt that we have had the finest staff in the industry, I think that this group is unprecedented in knowledge, connections, dedication, and character.  I can unequivocally state that this Capture Integration team is superior to anyone in our marketplace.  And we look forward to having the opportunity to prove that to you. Please reach out to us to find out how we can solve your next photographic challenge.

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