XF Firmware: Approved – IQ Firmware: Approved

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Phase One has released the new firmware package 2.01.2 for the new XF Camera System that enables Feature Update #2.

New Tools and abilities include:

Improved HAP-1 Autofocusing, Sequence photography tools, Focus Stack Tool, HDR Tool, Time-lapse Tool, Metadata from using these tools is stored within RAW files for integration to Capture One 9.1* Self Timer Delay now an available Drive Mode

The accompanying IQ firmware release is a beautiful re-imagining of the IQ interface that has re-organized and re-ordered the layout of the menus, bringing coherence and consistency to the navigation of the myriad options, regardless of what function you are currently using on the digital back. 

FW2.01.2 For XF – Approved

FW7.01.1  For IQ140, IQ160, IQ180, IQ260, IQ280 – Approved**

FW2.01.1  For IQ3 60, IQ3 80 – Approved**

FW4.03.2  For IQ150, IQ250, IQ3 50, IQ3 100  – Approved**

*The XF update does not require the IQ update(s) to utilize the Feature Update #2 tools, however, Capture One 9.1 requires the IQ updates to tag the sequence ID’s for the Time Lapse, HDR and Focus Stacking organizational markers.

**This firmware has been tested extensively and is now approved with the caveat that ‘Normal Latency’ need be selected prior to mounting to a XF camera body if ‘Zero Latency’ had been previously selected for technical camera use, as detailed in the post, IQ1 & IQ2 Series Firmware Notice.  As always, only perform firmware updates when you have access to internet resources and schedule this maintenance well ahead of any shooting event to provide adequate time to test in your workflow, as well as in this instance, learn the new menu positions of the enhanced button layout.

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