XF Firmware Feature Update #3 (3.06.3) – SR 3

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We have tested and approved the updated Service Release 3 of Feature Update #3 for XF and IQ series digital backs.

The SR3 firmware applies refinements to Live View on IQ series digital backs, Capture One focus control of the XF camera and Electronic Shutter on the IQ3-100.

• The XF Camera System now limits aperture adjustment during Electronic Shutter (ES) exposures.

• Addresses an error resulting in incorrect exposures while using Electronic Shutter (ES) at shutter speeds faster than 1/320s in conjunction with the IIQ-L 16Bit File Format.

• Improved stability when navigating in and out of Live View on the IQ Digital Backs

• IQ Digital Back display now maintains zoom level in Live View when returning from capture, or if user is stepping out, and then returning to, Live View.

• Corrects a conflict where previews on the IQ Digital Back screen display incorrectly when capturing tethered from a Capture One PRO or DB and entering Live View.

• Improved response of Single Arrow Nudge Buttons in Camera Focus Tool, providing finer focus control when operating an Auto Focus lens.

Newly available download is available below for trailblazers..

XF Feature Update #3 SR3 for Phase One XF body and IQ-Series Digital Backs

XF/IQ Updater 3.06.3
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